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We all enjoy Food Blogs. I personally love them. All the beautiful pictures the detailed recipe instructions. But I didnt know what went into creating one of them. Like with everything i come across in life I was intrigued how it was made how can i do it. This attitude really propelled me my whole career sometimes to my detriment. Probably like you I didnt know how much work go into a blog which is an enterprise unto itself. That’s why i had the idea of putting together a list of resources that worked for me hoping that it can help you as well.

Disclosure: this section contain some affiliate links from which I make some comision if you take advantage of their offers that’s one of the ways I can keep making this blog. Of course you are not obligated to purchase anything, you can use the list and the information just the same. This recommendations are based on resources I have used myself I don’t recommend anything I haven’t used.

Building a food Blog is not easy. The more you learn the more you find out you didn’t know the half of it. Along the way in my journey to express myself and share with thoughts, my knowledge and recipes with you I Have used many tools that have helped me in the quest to make a coherent effective and appealing blog and a Here is a list of tools to help you build a well-designed, successful food blog.

The order of the list correspond to how you would build a blog from start to finish, starting with website hosts, then themes, plugins, and other tools. Remember it based on my experience but you can use however you want to

It is amazing all the skills you pick up along the way. One of the first lessons you will learn is that you are it, the success of your blog depends on you. You will become writer, editor, photographer, graphic designer, and office manager. whether it is just you or your family and friends there’s a lot to do and not enough time and expertise to do them. luckily there are many tools out there that will help you accomplish all this tasks. Believe me you will be amazed of all they can do.


To setup your blog, you need a space for it to thrive and be found by your eventual readers and followers on the internet. Think about it like a piece of land for you lemonade stand. The landlord will be the hosting company and they will help you stay there so you can sell your delicious lemonade for a rent of course. There are different options, you can create your own website you can use shared hosting and so on and so forth.

A WordPress site is my recommendation. It is the blogging standard, very easy to use and set up and allows you access to thousands of plugins which make some tasks that seem imposible easy to do in the construct of you site. You can start a WordPress site right away for free but it wont have you own .com domain. For example vs there is nothing wrong with that but if you want your brand to appear more professional your own domain looks better. This will help you grow your blog and establish your brand.These are the hosts I recommend for a WordPress site:

Green Geeks

I love Green Geeks aside from the name they are my current hosts and I can’t complain. They include your own e-mail account with your plan and that is very useful. It is easy to use they have great support and something that is very important to me they are environmentally friendly.

Did you know your the Internet is a huge polluter of the environment? With GreenGeeks, you will get all of the benefits of being hosted on a fully featured web hosting platform built for speed, security while being environmentally friendly.

GreenGeeks match 300% of the energy usage of the entire operation in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates. This forward thinking company is recognized by the United States EPA since 2009 and works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Of course you ask yeah but how easy it is? It’s as easy as answering a few questions and clicking a button. You don’t have to download or extract any files, set up a database, configure any connections – it’s all done for you in seconds. It couldn’t be any easier.

Last but not least you are never charge extra for WordPress security, performance, or support. with simple afordable plans and all the benefits of WordPress Ready Web Hosting I think this is you best option.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, GreenGeeks is the best home for your WordPress site, since your site’s energy consumption will be offset by renewable energy credits. In fact, 300% of your usage is offset! That makes GreenGeeks the most environmentally-friendly managed WordPress hosting solution available anywhere.


This was the first wordpress host I used and it was very easy to use not only they host wordpress they also host other websites as well. With very affordable plans it grows with your blog. Being one of the top recommended WordPress hosting providers by they provide hosting solutions that can optimize WordPress websites for speed, performance and design.

Bluehost has been a trusted web hosting provider since 2003 and continues to revolutionize the website creation experience. Over 2 million websites are powered by Bluehost and continue to provide world class services and products. Bluehost continues to distinguish itself from competitors by offering 24/7 support, affordable hosting packages, security and a comprehensive suite of web tools to provide each customer with the necessary resources for success.

Getting started can be intimidating but using a trusted hosting company can make all the difference. Now lets continue with the next step. You have a host now It is time to pick a theme for your website.

WordPress Themes

Next, you need to make your site look good. Thankfully, adding a theme makes this a snap. A framework + child theme setup is ideal (for reasons of security, seo, efficiency, etc.) and how we have our site currently setup.


Foodica is perfect for creating food based blogs, magazines and recipe websites. Ten color schemes, Recipe Index, a beautiful featured slider and WooCommerce integration mean Foodica is packed with features to help you stand out. Check it out here.


Gourmand is a classy WordPress theme dedicated to food blogs. Stylish and highly practical, it is meant to help foodies display their recipes in a beautiful manner. Created with flexibility in mind, Gourmand it the perfect choice for those who seek simple, yet versatile layouts for their food blog. Check it out here.


Cookely is the next-level WordPress theme for your food blog. Simple, yet packed with complex features, it provides flexibility for organizing your recipes in a compact, functional and stylish layout. Check it out here.


Acabado is the theme Im currently using for come from the guys at Income School they are very helpful and have a lot of information on their website including their course Project 24. I have learned a lot from them just by watching their YouTube Channel.

They say Acabado is Stupid Fast and trust me it is, but it is more than that. I needed a theme that was fast and easy to use to maximize my time. Less time designing and more time writing content that is the secret. Acabado is designed to achieve a 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights testing tool without resorting to AMP. Even with lots of images.

I love that it has SEO Built-In with a lot of useful SEO features including Schema. Schema organize your content in a way that is better for search engines to find your content especially my recipes. It is simple clean and organized and is great for mobile too. Every theme nowadays has a responsive mobile design, but more than 65% of your visitors will likely be on mobile, nearly all themes are still built with the desktop version first. keep in mind that now mobile is more popular and you have to cater to that trend if you want to be seen.

Pinterest is a great way to promote your food blog, but pinnable images can take up a lot of space and look weird on your page. Acabado includes an easy way to hide the pins in your blog posts. That way, you still have a pinnable post minus the inconvenience of one or more massive images. This is a game changer. For all this and more reasons I use and recommend acabado as your theme not only for Food Blogs but for any WordPress site.

WordPress Plugins

The amount of third-party plugins is one of the biggest benefits of using a WordPress site. What is a Pluggin? A plug-in is an element of a software program that can be added to provide support for specific features or functionality. Think of them ass apps for your phone they solve a problem or make thing easier for you to do whatever it is you want to do in your phone. Well it is the same in WordPress these Plugins make running your site easier. Of course there are a lot of theme here are my favorites.

Recipe Card Blocks

The more beautiful and organized your recipes look the more views they will attract this takes time and effort. I found this new gem.With Recipe Card Blocks you don’t need any coding knowledge to create beautiful food blog recipes with. Creating your recipes is as easy as using any other block with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0+. You’ll even get an instant preview of what your Recipe Cards will look like, directly in the editor. Allows you to format your recipes for your site and search engines. This feature shouldn’t be overlooked, as it helps your recipes become more searchable to sites like Google.

Akismet Anti-Spam

When you allow comments on your blog you expose yourself to spam. The front-line defense for stopping spammers leaving crummy comments on your site. Licenses are free or you can donate to support the plugin. This is amust to take care of a problem you don’t want. of course you can turn off your comments but when you are starting your blog you need some engagement from your followers for your blog to grow.

Short Pixel

The size of your images directly affects you page loading speeds. I learned this the hard way. visitors are more likely to read and stay on your pages if the loading speeds are faster. For this purpose I recommend Short Pixel This is a tool that will reduce your image sizes upon upload to minimize server resources when serving images to your visitors. The ShortPixel plugin installs directly into your WordPress Dashboard where you can easily manage the image optimization process. All images will be automatically processed. Configure ShortPixel plugin to compress past images and optimize your website history.

Page loading faster means more page views, a pleasant user experience and better search ranking. ShortPixel uses advanced compression technology that reduces image size without any before/after difference in quality, thus making your pages load faster. You will thank me later.

Social Media Icons

Social Media is instrumental in the task of getting your content and brand out there. What makes social media special is the opportunity for you to connect with people who is looking for your content. After visitors see your content is important that they follow you on social media so they can keep coming back for more and this is the perfect way to make sure of that

With Social Media Icons you can create appealing icons that will make your readers click-click-click! Make use of the customization options of the plugin to match the styling of your website or brand. You can assign any color, choose from different icon styles, adjust their size and easily rearrange them. Plus, the plugin is very easy to use due to its drag and drop feature and you can add the icons in any widget area or page/post.

Choose from 100+ social networks & 400+ icons to match your social media profiles. The plugin supports the most popular icon fonts like Font Awesome, Socicons, Dashicons, Academicons, Genericons. Moreover, you can simply add the profile link and the widget will automatically detect the icon. All that’s left to do is personalize & publish!

Google Site Kit

This is a must have. You want to have a grasp on the traffic or lack thereof on your site. Instead of using 20 different pluggins you just need one, Site Kit. The best part of it is that it is Free.

Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google for insights about how people find and use your site. Site Kit is a one-stop solution to deploy, manage, and get insights from critical Google tools to make your site successful on the web. It gives you up-to-date insights from multiple Google products directly on the WordPress dashboard for easy access.

From your dashboard you can access the very useful Google tools that we will discuss on the next section. As you will see you need this tools to successfully monitor your site traffic and conversion as well as monetization. You can easily see Search Console, Analytics, Adsense, Page Speeds Insights and Tag Manager right at your fingertips all in one place.

WP Fluent Forms

I had the hardest time getting my contact form to work properly. As you know it is important for you to have an effective way that your visitors contact you with questions or inquiries and you can see them to act accordingly. well that was until i stumbled on WP Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms is the fastest and most intuitive plugin for WordPress form building. 60+ pre-built templates and the compelling UI will make your form creation fun and playful. Build. Edit. Delete. Easily and effortlessly. From highly customizable drag and drop fields to dozens of templates all categorized.

To build a form, all you have to do is drag the fields you need and drop them to see the magic. Form building was never easier. It solved my problem and gave other options like payment forms and surveys. You can select a template and build a form in no time.

Website Tools

Google Apps

Writing your content and uploading your recipes is half the battle. The other half is keeping your website running. I use a variety of tools aimed to make my website run fast, keep it online, and keep things running smoothly. Contrary to popular some of the best tools are easily available and mostly free. Here are some of my favorites:

Analytics: Explore how users navigate your site and track goals you’ve set up for your users to complete.

AdSense: Set up smart ads all over you site and keep track of how much your site is earning you.

Page Speed Insights: See how your pages perform compared to other sites. Improve performance with actionable tips on how to increase the speed of your site.

Tag Manager: Manage all your website tags without editing code. Easily to set up, no code editing required.

Webmaster: Track your site’s search performance watch out for broken links and get insight into how people are reaching your site via search results. This also allows you to manually submit a sitemap, which is a very helpful tool to make your site visible on the web.

Creative Tools


I have a background as a graphic designer and some of the aspects of branding and commercial are easier for me but there are tools for all levels of expertise. The one I love for its ease of use is Canva.

It is great for people and teams wanting to design absolutely anything, from logos and social media content to documents, prints and more. You will have access to free templates, photos and fonts to bring your vision to life. With thousands of professional templates, images and quality content to choose from, get a headstart on bringing your best ideas and social media content to your audience. Some of the best features that work for you are:

  • Team folders to help you stay organised, store brand assets, and manage content
  • Plan, create, schedule and publish your social media posts directly from Canva
  • Real-time collaboration across countries, companies, and departments
  • Built-in comments to communicate, work, and resolve suggestions in real-time

Canva will be a life saver for you it is so easy to use and its features keeps getting better and better. It can be instrumental in growing your audience and establishing your brand. It Includes social scheduling, team templates, brand management and other productivity tools. I highly recommend it especially as you start your blog.

Power Director

Editing videos is something that I enjoy. Not a lot of people I know enjoy this part but I love the creative process. wheter is a recipe video or a product review I like to use power director is a very powerful video editor and does everything I need it to do also as you know by now I like tools easy to use and this one is not the execption. Hera are some of the amazing features ir brings to your editing process:

  • Motion Graphic Titles upgrade your videos with easy-to-use cinematic title templates.
  • Epic Titles Create without limits with awesome customizable titles.
  • Shape Designer Design all kinds of shapes with auto-fit text and keyframe controls.
  • Transitions Choose from a variety of styles to seamlessly connect your shots.
  • Video Effects Transform and modify the look of your video with magical effects.
  • LUTs & Color Match Match color to quickly balance or change the aesthetic of your videos.

As a content creator you can shoot, edit, and share the perfect videos using this amazing features made simple and more. Drag-and-drop transitions, easy-to-apply effects, and ready-made motion graphics. With an ever-growing collection of templates, stock media, and design packs whether you’re new to editing or an experienced creator, if you can imagine it, you can edit it with PowerDirector.


As a creator and designer you are conditioned to use Adobe tools, they are regarded as the best in the business and they can back it up. Photoshop is the standard and for a reason The pricing used to be prohivitive to be honest but times has changed and no Adobe offers the Creative Cloud.

This is a collection of over 20 desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, and web. with these tools you can take your content ideas to new places. Using Photoshop you can draw and paint Premiere Pro is the best video editor out there and Lightroom is instrumental in Food photography. Here is alist of my favorites:

Photoshop Edit, composite, and create beautiful images, graphics, and art on desktop and iPad.

Illustrator Create beautiful vector art and illustrations on desktop and iPad.

InDesign Design and publish elegant layouts for print and digital.

Premiere Pro The industry standard in professional film and video editing

I mainly use Lightroom or photoshop for intricate graphics but there are others very useful apps like InDesign (working on ebooks and PDFs) and Illustrator (for logos, etc.). The ease of use is a little more complicated than other options but the quality is worth it.The monthly subscription price is a great deal and being an online cloud based system ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest software.


You are probably thinking, but I don’t know anything about graphic design or I dont have the time. Well let me tell you there is a solution, fiverr. There is something I learned very early in my culinary carreer, for you to be a succesful leader you need to delegate. That is exactly what fiverr can do for you.

You can have freelancer do all the designing for you from logos to your entire website. and that’s just some of the services you can find in fiverr. These are some of the advantages of using this freelancer service.

  • Find the perfect freelance services for your business all in one place.
  • Find high-quality services at every price point. From professional to budget friendly.
  • No hourly rates, just project-based pricing.
  • Quality work done quickly.
  • Find the right freelancer to begin working on your project within minutes.

This is a great option for you that will pay dividends. I use this service on a regular basis. It’s like having my own team ready when I need some help. So many services, they even have food photography

Photography Video and Podcast

Writing great and engaging content is a pivotal part of what we do in the blogging space. The perfect complement to good writing is good photography, video and audio. Your ultimate goal is for people to enjoy your content to hear your voice thru your writing. In this constantly changing media world multimedia is king. So to keep up with the landscape and attract guests to your blog you need to master these elements. I have learned so much about this and I want to share with you the resources I found more helpful.


Photography is the key element in you website. You can have great recipes awesome content but your pictures are not good, attractive or enticing your blog will be dead in the water. this apply to food blogs more than any other blog because of course the internet is mostly a visual medium. And for better or worse people can’t taste your food they can only see it thru a camera lens. With this in mind you want to give your visitors the best looking fotos you can produce. That is how I started to learn more about food photography here are some of the best resources I used.

The Bite Shot

I have done most of my research and learning watching Youtube videos. When it came to how shoot food and make it look beautiful with simple tips I found The Bite Shot Channel. It features Joanie Simon a food photographer and teacher that makes the complex technical terms and concepts about food photography simple and easy to understand.

I enjoy her videos very much and have learned alot from her. She also have a website called check it out. She believes that the skills you bring to your work are far more important than your gear, which I appreciate. But with that said you will need some gear.


For food photography, I started with my cellphone and a Canon SX160 camera. Yes it is perfectly fine if you get started with an old camera and your phone. Of course like any endeavor you want to upgrade as you learn more techniques and experiment with different features. and in terms of photos there are appropriate cameras for different tasks.

I recommend a DSLR camera. Their lenses are configured to take advantage of the light and create beautiful food photography. My knowledge of lenses is limited but I have found that a 50mm lens is sufficient for all your artistics demands. The Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR camera bundle comes with more than you need including tripod and memory cards. Don’t forget the memory cards 

Camera Accessories

When you start taking shots you will find out quickly that your pulse is not that steady and you can’t set up the shots and hold the camera at the same time. So you need accessories. Gear like tripods, continuous lighting, lenses, cases and memory cards are necessary and will make the process of taking your beautiful pictures painless and effective.


Video has become the most impactful media for marketing and to get your message across more effectively. So my next task became how I can make videos? The process got frustrating and overwhelming. I’m not camera shy at all which is the problem many bloggers face but the technical aspect was my downfall. Where to start? How to make them look good?

These questions made it seem impossible at first but slowly as I got more information and watched countless hours of Youtube videos I found ways to do it. Honestly you just gotta do it. Sounds cliche I Know but trhu trial and error is how you become better in the kitchen and the same applies to everything else.

Now the question of the gear came to the forefront like with photography I started with my cellphone and a Canon SX160 camera. From there I upgraded to Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera. In video lighting is very Important and good sound is the most important. I’m still new to the video process so bear with me. For your benefit, here are my favorite video resources.

Think Media

One of the most helpful and complete Youtube channels I watched was Think Media they have a full course in Youtube on how to make videos. They offer great recommendations on gear and how to record on a budget.

They are a team of content creators bring that put up weekly tech reviews, camera tutorials and YouTube growth videos. Whether you are just starting on YouTube or have been at it for a while they can help you take your channel to the next level. In my opinion If you want to make an impact video is the right medium. Learn about and master it.

Belquis Twist

Most of the Youtube channels can get too technical and are more advanced and can forget they are talking to people who don’t know jack about technology. Most people starting in this space wants to see how it can be done in their own kitchen by everyday people like them. Enter Belquis Twist, she is a super mom who is a food blogger, mother of two, wife, digital marketing executive and an Autism support coach.

She has a knack to show you how it is done in her kitchen with good simple explanations and great energy. Donot underestimate this trait, Great energy is crucial when doing videos. I enjoy her insights and the behind the scenes of her process.

Video Cameras

There are three ways to go about video cameras. You can use your cellphone which, believe it or not, has very good video quality nowadays and most likely you have an app that can help you edit and share the video. Or you can do it like me and use your DSLR Camera if you have one of course. I use the Canon EOS Rebel T7. The third is to get a camcorder or a vlogging camera.

Since vlogging has become more prevalent across the board the camera manufactures have come up with models that are geared towards this trend with great features to make your videos stand out. I have my eye on the Sony ZV-1 Compact Digital Vlogging Camera. Like I Said at the beginning and many times more you don’t need expensive gear to get started just use your phone and shoot the videos learn how to edit them first the rest will come with time and experience.

Video Accessories

Like with photography you need some help other than the camera to make your videos look good. So what kind of accessories you need for video? well some of the same ones as in photography like tripods, continuous lighting, lenses, cases and memory cards are necessary. The other component that is very important in video is sound making sure that your video has clear and crisp sound makes the difference between youtube views or not. Good camera microphones and lapel microphones for interviews and youtube vlogs are good investments that will take you along way in this task. Keep in mind that paying attention to good sound quality is a good practice that will elevate your videos.


I enjoy listening to podcasts when I’m working, in the car and walking. Never in a million years thought I would have my own. Podcasting is a rapidly growing media form that is proving to be agreat vehicle to promote your blog and cultivate a following. So I had to learn how to do it.

Pat Flynn

When I started researching and listening to podcasts trying to compare styles to find out how I wanted my podcast to sound and feel. That took me to Pat Flynn. He is a blogger, podcaster and business coach that has a highly popular podcast called the smart passive income podcast. His style is casual and laid back very informative and his interviews are great. His podcast and blog have become a big influence in my own.

Flynn says that the most impressive aspect of a podcast is just how long people are listening. It’s not like a video or blog post which may earn 5-10 minutes of a person’s time. Think about your voice and your message in front of your target audience for that long.

Without a doubt podcasting has become a very important part of my business strategy and should be for you. It is a no brainer way to reach you audience in an intimate way without interruptions for hour on end. It makes sense you just have to try it.


Podcasting is a great way to create meaningful connections with your audience. The simplicity of it and the accessibility of podcast now days make it a must have in your arsenal as a content creator. So you decided you are doing it, great but How? Well Castos is great option for you. You can create unlimited Public or Private podcasts, all from the same dashboard. The best part about Castos podcast webpages is they’re customizable. Update the color schemes and include links to your social media pages, the final result is an extension of your brand. an the best part you can manage all of your podcasts with one WordPress plugin. With mor than 20,000 podcasters who trust their easy to use all in one plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting yo can seamlessly:

  • Upload episodes
  • Create multiple feeds
  • View listener analytics
  • Customize the player
  • Reach your audience on the largest search engine on the internet, YouTube.

How? It is all available to you thru their dashboard and your own podcast webpage that you can customize to fit your brand. Castos convert your podcast audio files into beautiful looking videos and automatically publish them to the YouTube channel and/or playlist of your choice. It really doesn’t get easier than that. So start recording your audience is waiting.

Podcast Accessories

If you are not a sound engineer most likely you have no idea how to record, edit or mix sound. it is foreign territory for most of us but you gotta start somewhere. have a low barrier to entry; if you want to start a podcast, it’s relatively easy to begin the process with little overhead or experience. You can start recording a podcast with just your phone and a pair of headphones. Remember, your content is the most crucial part.

When I first started I thought to myself how hard can it be? just get a microphone and presto! It turns out it is not like that at all. I got my first microphone, a Samson Go Mic. I tought I just needed a small mic and this will do. Well on my voice tests (yes you need to test before you record your first podcast, Practice makes perfect!) my voice didn’t project well with this one. So I got a dynamic Microphone, the Element EM-89D Microphone. This is a great microphone for singing but not the best for podcasting where you live and you learn. I currently use that one but I will be getting a podcasting one later on.

Another important piece to this is a sturdy mic stand. You don’t want your microphone in the way or moving since it will cause sounds that you will pick up in editing. Another is a wind filter to avoid those pops coming from your exhaling when you talk. Pro Tip: Move the mic at an angle from your mouth to eliminate those popping sounds as well.

The recording part is up to you when you are starting just connect the mic directly to your computer, they will do the trick but down the road you might want to get a recording device especially if you’re recording two people to isolate the voices and make it easier in editing.

Still content quality is the most important aspect of podcasting. Nobody listens to a podcast because it has superior sound quality. But people will put up with less-than-optimal sound quality if the content of your show is excellent. With that in mind you do need a good microphone to get started. But the only way to do it is by trial and error. I’m not going to let the first couple of times won’t be pretty but you will get better and better. Until you won’t even notice it anymore.

Business Tools

Google Workspace

These tools from Google are collection of apps that can become the core of your process of creation and communication as an entrepreneur. Google apps that used to be all separate are united under the workspace umbrella directed at business owners. Under this umbrella you can find great tools that have become industry standard to create manage and monitor your performance on the web. I use google workspace for hosting email accounts on Gmail to content creation with Google Docs and Google Slides. You can find and use free versions of these tools and as your blog grows you can add Workspace and increase your capabilities. You can take this te the next level by integrating them with other apps as well for a more complete solution.


I don’t know if could’ve handled all the tasks I was juggling when I was starting this blogging journey if it wasn’t for Todoist. It is avery handy easy to use very powerful app that helps you get organized and set up projects and goals for you and your team. I have tried other assistants (paid and free) that turned out to be too complicated or not accesible enough for me to use and teach others to use effectively. I recommend it not only for business but for everything else it is truly amazing. From business ventures to grocery lists, divide and conquer your daily tasks in shared projects.

Every morning I get a clear overview of everything coming up on my day and never lose track of an important task. It points to the right tasks at the right times so you always know what to focus on next. I love that. You can set up projects as you want or use pre-made templates alreaedy made fro you.Like I said and I like very easy my favorites and the ones that you might end up using the most for your blog are:

  • blog post It has all the steps you need from idea conception to publishing your posts remember consistency is very important check it out here.
  • content calendar you can plan ahead all your monthly content in one place no more hoping from platform to platform, very useful check it here
  • social media calendar marketing in social media can be a daunting task but organizing ahead of time will make it less complicated and more effective see how it looks here

As you can see it is very useful and that’s only a few of the things Todoist can do. You can build your own task views to fit your unique style and workflow. Simplify your workflow by connecting Todoist to your email, calendar, and files. It is a complete solution. You are going to love it. Try It Here.

Smart Draw

This is a tool that is very useful for every step of your business it is very useful for training purposes and organizational applications as you grow you will find it more valuable. I used it in restaurants as well.

SmartDraw includes quick-start templates for over 70 different diagram types from flowcharts to floor plans. Powerful automatic formatting means perfect layouts in minutes. It’s the right fit whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a large enterprise team.

SmartDraw integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use. Easily create and insert diagrams into Google Workspace, Microsoft Office®, Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira, and more. Save and share files to Google Drive, OneDrive®, Dropbox®, and more. Its versatility is its greatest strength.


Everybody knows the name but do you really know what Quickbooks can do for you? I’m not an accountant but it is important to know your numbers. I can’t stress this enough you have to have a clear picture of your finances and be responsible with them at the very beginning of your business so in the future you don’t have to regret anything.

With QuickBooks, you get the features, tools, and reporting data you need to manage your business smarter.
Track sales, projects, invoices, and so much more. here are some of my favorites:

  • Easily track income and expenses.
  • Connect business bank accounts to stay organized
  • Set up automations for manual tasks
  • Explore plans to fit any budget

. QuickBooks gives you the information you need so you know where your business stands at any given moment. It will help you focus in growing your audience without having to worry about your finances.

Marketing Tools


It is an understatement tah Marketing your blog is very important for your success. Social Media is the growing number one avenue to do so effectively. Now the problem with that is execution. For your Social Media marketing plan to work you need to consistently post on Social Media at the right times as often as possible. Time becomes an issue real quick. If that is not enough you run out of the contest just as quick.

I found the best way to solve these problems and effectively get my Social Media marketing going right away. Tailwind can help you to go From idea to post, Instantly. In less than 2 minutes you can create a scroll stopping post in Tailwind Create. You’ll never need to stare at a blank canvas or reuse a tired template again. With designs done for you

in one click, Tailwind Create transforms your photos into hundreds of optimized, personalized designs for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best ways to create traffic to your blog. You can schedule an entire week of pins at once.

It is easy, you can do it all in one place. Publish your beautiful Pin designs in just seconds with a seamless, time-saving workflow. Track your progress and get better at Pinterest with Insightful Analytics. Maximizing your Pin performance requires analyzing what is working and what is not. You can see what’s working at a glance with the Top Pins Report, Pin Inspector, and Board Insights. Join communities with people looking and sharing content on your niches helping you find more people interested in your specific content.

Instagram takes advantage of the visual nature of social media. For food blogs photography is important but an underrated aspect of this platform is how to make those posts stand out. Well it has to do with your Hashtags. Which ones to use are the most competitive and beneficial for your content. Using Hashtag Finder you can reach more people with the perfect mix of massively popular and hyper-relevant niche hashtags to get discovered by the right followers. With Smart Schedule Tailwind pick the post times when your audience is already the most engaged to get the most engagement out of every post.

Facebook is a great but often overlooked multimedia platform that gives your content great exposure. I think the secret is consistency and volume content and Tailwind allows you to do just that. taking advantage of all the ways you can post content with both Instagram and Pinterest you can post the same content from both platforms to your Facebook accounts giving you double the content on this platform helping you stand out from the crowd.

Tailwind is a comprehensive marketing powerhouse with unique features that will save you time, effort and money. Helping you to reach your goals.

Convert Kit

Email marketing is a very important aspect of creating an audience for your content.  A lot of beginners neglect this area of the marketing plan. That is a big mistake. You are creating content for the long run unless your blog is news centric. And a great place to start is Convert Kit.  Building a loyal community around your blog is an investment that will pay big dividends.

I started using a landing page to grow my community because it allowed me to understand what kind of content my following was interested in. Vegan recipes and cooking tips were the winners. And with that in mind a vegan cook was born.

That started before I even had a website. In fact you don’t need a website. You don’t need social media. You don’t need to invest a lot of time and money right now. All you need to do is put your idea on a landing page. With a free ConvertKit account you can build unlimited landing pages to start growing an audience for your new project. Choose from 30 different templates, add your content, personalize the design, and hit Save.

I highly recommend ConvertKit’s new Free plan. Yes I said, Free plan

It  is the best way to start your creative project today. Perfect for beginner creators, preferably creators who don’t even have a website yet. The free plan effectively close the gap so beginner creators could start and grow within ConvertKit. No need to invest loads of money or waste valuable time figuring out how to start your business at the beginning. All you need is a platform and the ability to grow your audience.

The Free plan includes:

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited, customizable CTAs & signup forms
  • 30+ premium landing page templates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain setup
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Manage up to 1000 subscribers
  • Unlimited Email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Seamless Unsplash integration
  • Creator community

I believe ConvertKit is tailor-made for creators to grow their audiences. They can help you earn a living by promoting your own digital products like my vegan cooking guide. This is an example of the kind of  landing page you can create. By adding a free entry-point Convert Kit is removing a large roadblock for beginner creators towards earning a living online. The rest is up to you.

Mailer Lite

There are options in the marketplace most of them are big companies that are expensive, have been around a long and quite frankly have gone stale. This is a new option I found that is user friendly and designed for people of all skill levels. MailerLite is one of the fastest-growing email marketing services in the world., 

MailerLite can help you create professional email campaigns.  I really like that their features are intuitive and easy to use yet they’re just as powerful as other email tools.

My favorite features include:

  • The easy drag & drop editor
  • Landing page builder
  • The many pop-up variations
  • Advanced automation
  • In-email quizzes, surveys and other interactive elements

If I need help, I contact their 24/7 live support or browse through the many help resources. They also have an active community on Facebook where customers inspire and support each other.

MailerLite is a beginner-friendly tool packed with advanced features. You can easily get started with their drag & drop editor to build interactive emails. For lead generation, you can use their pop-ups and landing pages. 

In MailerLite, I can easily build lead-generation landing pages. They have plenty of predesigned templates that you can customize in the drag & drop editor. They also have promotion pop-ups to catch the reader’s eye. These can be customized with countdown timers and surveys. It is a very complete solution that you should try.

I hope you have found these Resources List useful. I certainly needed a guide like this when I started and was trying to make sense of it all. If you found it useful please share it with someone who is starting a blog or a website you can also share it in your social media social media.