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What is a vegan cook?

A vegan cook is a collection of delicious vegan recipes, articles, cooking tips and techniques influenced by my experience as a professional Chef in the Culinary world and my personal journey into veganism. Including original tasty recipes, easy to follow cooking videos, simple step by step instructions and beautiful photography.

With great resources for both chefs and home cooks. Including useful articles, ingredients profiles, products reviews and interviews. I am interested in your vegan journey as well but if you are not a vegan but are curious you are welcomed, no judging, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you’re looking to master plant-based cooking, learn more about veganism, eat healthier, upgrade your kitchen gear, surprise a loved one, or simply figure out what to make for dinner, you will find it in a vegan cook.

Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

I believe delicious food can be cruelty-free, nutritious, environmentally responsible while being fun and beautiful. A Vegan Cook’s collection of recipes covers a variety of topics and cuisines, focusing on healthy and nutritious plant-based food producing amazing yet simple recipes with clear instructions, beautiful photography and valuable insights honed from years of hands-on kitchen work.

From classic French Cuisine to Caribbean Fusion, from comfort food to decadent desserts you can find many options to suit your taste.

Snacks, quick lunches, meal prep, sandwiches, foods, breakfast and more.

Our recipes are 100% vegan which means that I don’t use any ingredients or derivatives that come from animals or insects. Essentially no meat, milk, cheese, eggs or honey. Instead using a lot of different fruits, potatoes, legumes, beans, lentils, veggies, whole grains, whole grain, nuts, seeds, and greens you will be delighted by all the flavors that can be achieved. But of course you can substitute any of these ingredients to fit your taste.

A lot of these recipes are veganized versions of familiar recipes that I have made in my kitchen to show you how you can enjoy a plant-based diet without sacrificing taste. There is something for every palate. Go ahead try them, taste them, be amazed and share them.

More than Salads

I love bold, layered and sophisticated flavors that you can also achieve with fresh ingredients and a little bit of love. I love salads don’t get me wrong but there is so much more to choose from. I try to use whole, organic ingredients and encourage you to do the same but I also understand that not all ingredients are available in every pantry.

To help you with this there is an ingredient glossary and features with definitions and use of these ingredients that might be new to you. Offering substitutions and alternatives can help you adjust your cooking and find what you like or not.

Processed products are not my favorite but I use some. However I do offer alternatives and tips on how to make your own. Helpful how-to make Plant-Based homemade vegan meat substitutes, vegan cheese, mayo, butter etc. are some of the resources to help you achieve more flavorful and healthy food that you will love as much as I do.

Vegan Content and More

If you are not a vegan and just want to eat more plants-based food, that’s OK. This blog is not a place to preach veganism. That is not my style. My intent is to share my experience and document my journey as a new vegan. I share with you my struggles, concerns, victories, observations and opinions involving the my diet, the environment, animals, food,  nutrition and thoughts on how we can improve them.

My curiosity takes me to learn as much as I can about the impact of our food sources and how it affects us and our world. As I learn new and interesting information about veganism I enjoy sharing my thoughts and impressions with you. You can browse our library of articles about veganism, mindfulness, nutrition, gastronomy, health, and vegan lifestyle.

Check out a vegan cook podcast where we discuss vegan cooking trends, veganism, blogging, business and life in general. I love sitting down and chatting about all this and more.

It is not easy being vegan. Is a noble choice but there are personal, cultural and social challenges that come with it. Not to mention the obvious questions, What am I going to eat?, How can I live without cheese? and Where you get your protein from? My hope is that we can help each other navigate this journey and let you know that you are not alone.

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I’m so glad you stopped by. I do my best to share with you delicious new recipes each week. Thoughtful, in-depth weekly articles. and monthly product reviews, informative videos and interviews. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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