About Me

My name is Victor Miranda I am a father of two children and I am the Chef, recipe developer, content creator, and food photographer behind a vegan cook.

I have been cooking professionally since 1994. Back then I was not a vegan nor did I really take good care of myself, the environment or the animals. Fast forward through a lengthy culinary career I found myself making a groundbreaking change that would send me in a brand new path. Learn more about my story here.

I am a Vegan since January 2020. Like many in recent years I started eating a plant-based diet for my health but i made the decision to do my part to respect and consider the millions of animals who are abused so a few people eat. I love animals, specially dogs. I have three beautiful dogs Nikki, Nana and Reina.

This Blog is and dedicated to the other two that are no longer with us I will always love you Roxy and Jackson.

As a true Islander I love the beach, the sea and the sun, is summer all year around in Puerto Rico. I hate rainy days. I love farmer’s markets, cook-outs, road trips and rock, salsa and reggae music. Growing up comics, wrestling, movies, Star Wars, 90’s sitcoms, were my passion. I’m a big nerd. But also a big Sports Fan: basketball, football, hockey and baseball. I enjoy a hot coffee in the morning and a cold beer in the evening. I enjoy dancing, travel, family, and being creative.

I enjoy food, is a huge part of who I am. It amazes me how it can unite us and give us identity. Unfortunately it can also be a source of many problems that affect our lives today. I try to help in any way I can to mitigate the negative effect of food in our lives.  

My goal is to encourage more people to cook at home, and to make better informed decisions regarding what to eat and how to eat it. All this while having some fun and embracing our traditions and culture.

The process of feeding yourself and loved ones shouldn’t be intimidating or frustrating it should be a labor of love. I love the process of experimenting in the kitchen and tinkering with new flavors and ingredients. These recipes are all tested in my own kitchen and reflect my experience and my journey discovering plant-based cooking. Hopefully it can help you be successful in your kitchen and bring a smile to your day in the process. This is what I choose to be about.

I’m glad you take time of your day to read my blog and know what a vegan cook is all about. Thank you